Motorcycle Accident

The fun and freedom of a motorcycle ride can be horribly cut short by a serious motorcycle accident. If you've been injured, you need an exceptional lawyer on your side to help you successfully bring a lawsuit that will result in you being fully financially compensated for your injuries. Don't delay seeking help; a skilled New Hampshire personal injury lawyer can take your case without requiring any payment from you, either to start with or on a monthly basis. Instead, you can agree to pay a certain percentage of your eventual financial judgment to your lawyer, so that both you and he can afford to work with each other. Our lawyers will compassionately and boldly fight for your interests.

In a motorcycle accident case, some issues that seem simple might actually not be, and require a skilled lawyer to make the best decision. For instance, who can be held legally responsible for your injuries? If you were hit by a car, then chances are the driver of the car can be sued. But are there any others? Did any other irresponsible drivers prevent you from moving away from a dangerous area? Did any road hazards make your injuries worse than they would have been otherwise? Did any safety features on your motorcycle fail to work, so that the motorcycle manufacturer could be held partially responsible for your injuries? Did any emergency responders or other medical personnel fail to treat your injuries competently? You'll need a lawyer who can consider every angle and maximize your chances of success.

Your medical condition will of course be a crucial component of your case. It's important that you call us as soon as possible after the accident, because some evidence may be lost with time. Sometimes records are lost, and medical personnel's memories fade. It might also be possible to interview other witnesses to the accident, and to use their testimony to prove the severity of what happened to you. Your doctors, or perhaps another doctor called in specifically to provide an expert evaluation of your condition, will need to produce detailed reports of every component of your injuries, and to explain your prognosis going forward. This expert testimony will be used to establish the financial cost of your injury, the chance of permanent disablement so that you'll be less able to make a living, and the financial cost of other treatments such as rehabilitation and other therapy.

If the opposing party also has a lawyer, as is likely, you may be required to provide evidence of your injury to him or her, and even to undergo additional medical examination by an expert chosen by your opponent. This is expected, but you'll be glad to have a skilled attorney at your side who can make sure you're fully complying with the requirements, request all available evidence from the opposing party in turn, and protect you from accidentally disclosing or providing anything that you're not required to.

It is fairly common for motorcycle accident cases to end not in a court trial, but in a settlement. This means that the opposing party agrees to pay you a certain amount of money, and in return, you drop the lawsuit. This might be the best decision for you, but you'll need a skilled lawyer  to negotiate the best settlement possible for you and help you to consider all of your options. Sometimes it's more wise to go to trial, because your evidence is strong and you could be awarded more at trial than the other party will agree to in a settlement.

Call Liberty Legal Services  as soon as you can, so that you can know your interests are being protected by a great lawyer. There's a way forward in your life, toward hope and full recovery, and you can start toward it today.

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