Car Accident

If you've been injured in a car accident, you're suddenly facing a complex and confusing set of decisions. How do you find justice for you and your family? How do you cope with the financial burdens of medical and other care for your injuries? Should you go to court? Do you need a lawyer? How do you succeed in a legal system you don't know much about?

You should call a skilled New Hampshire personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Our compassionate, dedicated professionals will fight for your interests and ensure you get the compensation you deserve. It's important to call as immediately as you can. It's still possible to bring a successful lawsuit long after the time of the accident, but getting a quick start might make some aspects of your case easier. For example, a skilled attorney can investigate the scene of the accident shortly after it happened, corroborate the photographs and measurements taken by police, if any, and interview witnesses, emergency responders, and medical personnel before their memories fade. As time passes it might also become more difficult to establish the exact amount of the financial damage that you've suffered, as intervening events and conditions can change your situation.

A lawyer might need to consider even such a basic question as whom to sue. If you were hit by another driver, than it probably makes sense to sue that driver, but did anyone else's actions contribute to your injuries? Did an unfilled pothole or a faulty guardrail make things worse? Was the other driver enabled to drive recklessly by a parent who could have prevented it? Did your car's safety features malfunction? Any of these situations could lead to additional possibilities for receiving compensation for your injuries.

Much of the evidence in your case will be medical in nature, which will require a lawyer familiar with the medical concepts and terminology used. Daniel Hynes will be able to analyze all of your medical records and present them as evidence in accordance with legal rules. He may also advise you to receive additional evaluation from another medical expert, who can write a report detailing what happened to you and how it was the result of the other driver's negligence. Additional experts may also be needed. If the scene of the accident doesn't allow it to be conclusively established how the accident happened, an expert in collisions might be needed. If your injuries are especially severe and could lead to long-term disability and inability to work, you could need additional evaluations from physical therapists, occupational therapists, vocational experts, and others. All of your expenses, including time lost from work, damaged future earning potential due to injury or disability, emotional damage from the fear of the accident and its aftermath, costs of therapy and counseling, and costs to your family to take care of you, can be considered in determining the amount of money it will take to make you whole.

In most cases, our Attorneys can help you without receiving any payment from you up front, or any monthly legal fee payments from you. Instead, you can agree to a contingency fee arrangement that specifies Daniel will be paid a specific portion of the financial compensation you receive, and not until the successful end of your case when you receive it. If your financial burdens are already extreme because of the accident, you can still receive excellent legal help without having to sacrifice needed living expenses or treatments.

Call our NH Car accident attorneys today for a consultation, and start down the road to full recovery.

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